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In Odor to Tell. Picture of part of a caucasian male's face showing his eye and nose.

In Odor to Tell

Someday doctors may be able to screen for Alzheimer’s using a simple scratch and sniff test, according to two Columbia University studies. Dr. William Kreisl, a neurologist at Columbia University, and a team of researchers studied 84 people in their 60s and 70s, including 58 with memory problems indicative of early Alzheimer’s. Participants took the […]

February is American Heart Month. Picture of heart shaped bubbles laying on a piece of light colored paneling.

February is American Heart Month

No, not because Valentines Day is this month! It is because we all need to be more aware and take care of that important muscle, our heart! According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) leading risk factors for heart disease and stroke are high blood pressure, high low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, diabetes, […]

The Surprising Seriousness of Urinary Tract Infections for Seniors. Picture of an older caucasian female laying in her bed.

The Surprising Seriousness of Urinary Tract Infections for Seniors

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are commonly associated with discomfort and inconvenience, but their impact can be surprisingly severe, especially for seniors. While UTIs are prevalent across all age groups, the elderly are particularly vulnerable to their complications due to physiological changes and underlying health conditions. Understanding the potential seriousness of UTIs among seniors is crucial […]

Navigating the Holidays with Diabetes: A Guide to Celebrating Healthily. Picture of an older caucasian male, a young caucasian male and a caucasian male and female children having a holiday meal together.

Navigating the Holidays with Diabetes: A Guide to Celebrating Healthily

The holiday season is a time for joy, festivities, and delicious meals shared with loved ones. However, for individuals managing diabetes, this time of year can present unique challenges. The abundance of tempting treats, hearty meals, and fluctuating schedules can make it difficult to maintain blood sugar levels. This article aims to provide valuable insights […]

Nourishing Seniors: Balancing Convenience with Health through Home Care Services. Picture of a young hispanic nursing aide assisting an older black male with meals at his home.

Nourishing Seniors: Balancing Convenience with Health through Home Care Services

As our society ages and lifestyles evolve, the dietary habits of older adults have come under scrutiny. One prominent concern is the increasing reliance on convenience foods among seniors. While these foods offer ease and simplicity, they often lack essential nutrients, raising questions about their impact on health. We delve into the reasons behind this […]

November: National Home Care Month. Picture of a group of home care professionals. A black male and female, asian male and female, 3 caucasian females and 2 caucasian males

November: National Home Care Month

As the chill in the air begins to intensify and leaves paint the landscape with hues of red and gold, November marks a special occasion in the United States – The National Association for Home Care & Hospice (NAHC) celebrates National Home Care and Hospice Month. This is a time to honor and appreciate the […]

Making a Home Safe for Alzheimer’s Patients. Picture of a black male and female embraced in a hug in their living room.

Making a Home Safe for Alzheimer’s Patients

With a diagnosis such as Alzheimer’s, families need to start planning. One of the biggest decisions is about where the person will live. Most prefer to stay in their own homes, if possible. However, staying at home does pose some risks as there are many things in a home that become dangerous to a person […]

Stand Up to Disability. Picture of an older caucasian female doing squat exercises.

Stand Up to Disability

Did you know standing for just one extra hour a day greatly reduces the risk of disability, especially for retirees?1 Sedentary behavior, or sitting, is a very strong risk factor for disability and limitations in activities of daily living (ADL). ADL limitations are those that affect a person’s ability to complete self-care tasks without assistance […]

The Perils of Smoking in the Presence of Oxygen Therapy. Picture of a young caucasian female kicking a huge cigarette butt.

The Perils of Smoking in the Presence of Oxygen Therapy

When combined with the use of supplemental oxygen, the dangers of smoking are amplified, creating a potentially deadly combination. Oxygen therapy is a medical intervention aimed at improving the oxygen supply to various organs and tissues, particularly in patients with respiratory disorders. However, the presence of oxygen-enriched environments significantly increases the risk of fire and […]

The Advantages of Body-Weight Exercise. Picture of a young caucasian female exercising at home only using her body as any weight or resistance.

The Advantages of Body-Weight Exercise

All exercise is beneficial. But even stacked up against other types of workouts, body-weight exercise has a lot to offer. Not only does it provide an excellent workout, but it can also help you overcome some common excuses for avoiding exercise, like “I don’t have time to go to the gym” and “I don’t have […]